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Spark your Dream

A true life story where dreams are fullfilkled and we are inspired to conquer ours

Candelaria & Herman Zapp

COME ON, GET IN. Yes, since you're reading, sit here with us. Pack light. No, don't sit there, get yourself at the driver seat. Something good is going to happen in our lives so let's go and seize the moment. It will be a tour in the exterior world, which only reflects a fraction of the journey in your interior. 
What will be waiting for us? What will happen when we cross that border? How will we be received? Uncertainty...but if we don't try, we'll never know.

Herman and Candelaria Zapp got into a 1928 Graham-Paige car with a dream of getting to Alaska in six months. But the innumerables surprises of the road changed their plans a little. 
Spark your Dream is a true story of personal inspiration that explores the inconveniences and the solutions that are presented at the beginning of a dream. Through this incredible journey the reader will live the risk, the sensation of freedom, the passion, the pain of a death, the birth of a son, frustration, life and success. And surely, upon getting to the destination you won't like to stop, but you will have to do like Herman and Cande did upon arrival in Alaska. And you'll get there moved to tears and jump with them celebrating, knowing that dreams are possible if one day you begin.

Spark your Dream

English version

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